Radio Interview about The Dynamics of Transformation 

I did this two-hour radio interview on The Styxxoplix Show in Ft. Wayne, IN, in which we discussed my book The Dynamics of Transformation: Tracing an Emerging World View. It was a fascinating conversation ranging from Aristotle’s four causes and Jean Gebser’s five stages of consciousness to the qualitative nature of time, the exponential acceleration of technology, and the novel world view that seems currently to be emerging.

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  1. I have just ordered ‘Dynamics of Transformation’ and am looking forward to reading it and seeking some implications for Medicine and what we might call ‘medical phronesis’ or Medical Semiotics (which originated with Hippocrates). One of the key philosophers who seems to be missing in this and who I think is critical if we are to understand the emerging worldview as not only the emergence of ‘Integral Consciousness’ but the transition from what the late John Deely called the ‘Age of Ideas’ to the ‘Age of Signs’, is the ‘home-grown’ American ‘pragmaticism’ of Charles Sanders Peirce, the American polymath who Alfred North Whitehead referred to (in a letter to Charles Hartshorne) as the ‘American Aristotle’. I am thinking that Peirce, in many ways, through his examination of what constitutes a continuum, and his logic of relatives, anticipated this emerging new worldview. I am in the process of writing a book about this that looks at the ‘Biosemiotics of Time’. This also relates to what Lee Smolin and Roberto Unger are calling ‘Temporal Naturalism’.

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